Fierce storm hits Moscow, kills 16 people

A fierce storm hit Moscow yesterday, ripping out trees along with advertizing structures and damaging cars, children's playgrounds, street lights and parking lots. Five people were initially reported to have been killed by falled trees, and one elderly man died under a collapsed bus stop (via TASS). The number of fatalities grew to 16 with dozens wounded. [...]

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Thousands of homes to be demolished in Moscow

Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin announced a program that can see thousands of apartment buildings in the Russian capital demolished. The initial proposal, which came as a second stage of the demolitions started in 1999, was estimated to cost no less than 3.5 trillion roubles and could affect 1.6 million people. The project focuses mostly [...]

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Victory Day 2017 in Moscow: ICBMs and the Immortal Regiment

This year I was fortunate enough to be in Moscow for Victory Day, the holiday marking the end of World War II (or, as it is known in Russia, the Great Patriotic War). Unlike in the West, Victory Day is celebrated on May 9 and not May 8. This is because unlike the Western Allies, [...]

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The Medvedev anti-corruption march, through the eyes of an American

Some readers may recall seeing news coverage of the widespread protests that recently took place in a number of Russian cities, including Moscow. As someone with an interest in politics and social activism, I couldn’t resist playing witness to how Russians protest. After all, after having participated in such actions myself back in the United [...]

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An American’s first impressions of Russia

It would only make sense to put together some of my "first impressions" since arriving in Moscow as one of the first posts on RussianVibe. I have been here for many months at this point, though, so it's not entirely possible to provide as raw an account as I might have liked. That said, less [...]

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