Russians are mining so many bitcoins, there’s a shortage of videocards

via M. Tumanov / Vedomosti Russian computer stores report severe shortages of videocards that nearly doubled in price in the last two months. Some customers purchase 200, 300 or even 600 of them. The demand for videocards has almost tripled recently and now exceeds supply, distributors tell Vedomosti. A surge in gaming activity? [...]

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ArtFlection: An uniquely Russian art, design, and crafts fair

Here in Moscow a collective of artists of many mediums gather every few months for an “Artflection” fair. These vary in size – but fortunately for you, RussianVibe was on the scene for one of the group’s larger events and we have many wonderful pictures for readers to browse through! Only unique and handcrafted pieces [...]

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No more slacking: Russian MPs face stern discipline under Volodin

“Parliament is no place for discussions” is an infamous misquote ascribed to the Russian statesman Boris Gryzlov. Although he never actually said that, the State Duma (the lower house of Parliament) under the new leadership of Vyacheslav Volodin is still perceived by many as an approval machine for the laws proposed by the Kremlin. Volodin, [...]

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An American’s culture shock while in Moscow (Part One)

Since I’ve already done a little write up on a few of my initial impressions of Moscow, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a few thoughts covering the various “culture shock” moments and quirks I, as an American, have come across. Cash versus plastic Whereas in the United States very few places [...]

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Moscow street reconstruction turned goldmine for archaeologists

A massive street reconstruction project in Moscow, besides clogging up the center of Moscow, continues to bring new archaeological findings to light. Archaeologists, unrecognizable in their green construction vests and hard hats, have taken out an iron cube that was identified as a 17th century coin forger’s tool. Another curious sample is a Stone Age flint cutter [...]

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