Russian bands and artists you definitely need to hear

I have spent a good bit of time exploring Russian music and I am continually stunned at the wonderful sounds I keep coming across. While Western music is extremely popular here – I’ve heard everything from ABBA to Pink Floyd to Thievery Corporation – Russian music deserves more respect than even some Russians give it. [...]

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An American’s culture shock while in Moscow (Part One)

Since I’ve already done a little write up on a few of my initial impressions of Moscow, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a few thoughts covering the various “culture shock” moments and quirks I, as an American, have come across. Cash versus plastic Whereas in the United States very few places [...]

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An American’s first impressions of Russia

It would only make sense to put together some of my "first impressions" since arriving in Moscow as one of the first posts on RussianVibe. I have been here for many months at this point, though, so it's not entirely possible to provide as raw an account as I might have liked. That said, less [...]

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