A visit to the new Yota Arena, the largest eSports venue in the CIS

In May, Moscow became home to the newly opened Yota Arena. As most Western gamers likely know, Russians take their eSports extremely seriously; while we're starting to catch up somewhat, at least in terms of eSports' mainstream acceptance, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (or CIS), and Asia are generally still years ahead. Yota Arena represents [...]

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Victory Day 2017 in Moscow: ICBMs and the Immortal Regiment

This year I was fortunate enough to be in Moscow for Victory Day, the holiday marking the end of World War II (or, as it is known in Russia, the Great Patriotic War). Unlike in the West, Victory Day is celebrated on May 9 and not May 8. This is because unlike the Western Allies, [...]

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After Us: Adventures in Post-Apocalyptic Russia

Interested to get a taste of Russian weirdness and the local nerd scene, I (at first, apprehensively) accepted my friend Mikhail's invitation to attend what he described as a "post-apocalypse event." I had to ask what he meant by that — despite his best attempt to paint a picture for me, I was wasn't entirely [...]

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