Cautious optimism: Russian media react to Trump meeting Putin

Image by V. Podvitsky / RIA Novosti The first long-awaited meeting between the two presidents has, naturally, received a lot of attention in the Russian media. Even before it started, Russian media outlets tried to decipher the hidden meanings behind Putin and Trump’s body language, trying to determine who won the non-verbal power [...]

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The Medvedev anti-corruption march, through the eyes of an American

Some readers may recall seeing news coverage of the widespread protests that recently took place in a number of Russian cities, including Moscow. As someone with an interest in politics and social activism, I couldn’t resist playing witness to how Russians protest. After all, after having participated in such actions myself back in the United [...]

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Russian parliamentary elections 2016

Elections to the State Duma (the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament) have concluded with four parties getting in. United Russia, the party of power (Putin and Medvedev's party), got the majority of seats with 54 percent. Below them, the ever-present Communist Party and the misleadingly named Liberal Democratic Party (nationalist hardliners lead by the infamous [...]

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