Number of inmates in Russia hits all-time low

The number of inmates is down by half in the 21st century, says the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. As of 2017, the population of penal settlements and pretrial detention facilities stands at around 630 thousand people (out of roughly 146 million Russian citizens). The biggest numbers, in excess of 1 million people, were reported [...]

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28 percent of Russians support restoring monarchy

"Around 28 percent either support restoring monarchy in Russia or don't object to it. That said, these people aren't active proponents as they don't see a person who could become a monarch in modern Russia," reports Valery Fyodorov, the head of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), at a historical conference dedicated to the 400th [...]

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33 percent of Russians want market economy, democracy and human rights

Russians want different things for the country, a new poll by Levada Center shows. Only 33 percent prefer a Western model that is associated with market economy, democratic political system and human rights, but preserves a distinctingly Russian way of life. Same percentage, perhaps unsurprisingly, say they don’t care about the type of state they [...]

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